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Nashville recording artist and Branson entertainer, Bryan Burnett, recently hit the number three spot with his song “Gone” in the United Kingdom, according to the European Country Music Association charts. Burnett, also known as “The Outlaw” has been on the radio in 2008 more than 20 times a day, and in Europe last year, he hit the number nine spot in Italy with his song, “Give Me a Bottle of Whiskey.”

Burnett moved to Branson about four years ago and was in the Hank Williams Revisited Show, moving to his own show entitled Cash and Friends. Not wanting to be pegged as an impersonater, he started doing his own music and traveled across the South playing fairs and theatres. “I don’t want to make my living off of someone else’s songs. I am my own entertainer and apparently, the folks across the ocean agree,” said Burnett. “Twenty times a day for 365 days straight is proof, and it looks as if I’m going overseas this year on an European tour.

Burnett said he is often asked why he is called an outlaw, “I reckon the reason is I make my own path, not surrendering to the Nashville or Branson tyrants who try to make people something they are not.”

Burnett has his own record label entitled AWE STRUCK Records and his wife has a publishing company. Burnett’s new album, “The Money, The Gun, and The Bible” will be released this spring.

“I’d rather sit on my porch and play my music than sing someone else’s songs on a big stage in front of a big crowd,” said Burnett. Burnett is also a singer and songwriter.

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