March 18, 2012
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Beijing China, The Legend of Kung Fu live stage performance, seen throughout the world in the past 8 years has created a record in the history of Chinese performing arts.

The Most Performances of a show in China since 1949. The Legend of Kung Fu debuted in May 2004 in the Red Theatre, Beijing. With a record 3887 performances in Beijing alone and 1159 in countries through-out the world, The Legend of Kung Fu has entertained over 3 million audiences.

The Legend of Kung Fu is the most performed show in China since the foundation of PRC in 1949. The creator of this legendary show is a company headquartered in Beijing, China Heaven Creation International Performing Arts Co., Ltd (CHC).

The Legend of Kung Fu, is a huge theatrical production that tells the journey of a boy (Chun Yi) who was left at the doorway of a temple by his mother and adopted by the old master. Under the tutelage of the master and fellow monks, Chun Yi experiences the trials and tribulations it takes to find his way to the enlightenment and finally becoming a master of Kung Fu, both physically and spiritually.

The Legend of Kung Fu is a breathtaking combination of authentic martial arts including 20 types of traditional Chinese martial arts skills including traditional Shaolin boxing, animal-imitating boxing, Had Qigong, Tai Chi boxing and more. The unique choreography of ballet, modern dance and acrobatics showcased with state of the art lighting, traditional Chinese sets and an original musical score takes this show to an unprecedented level of entertainment enjoyed by all cultures.

Mr. Cao Xiaoning, the concept and Executive Producer of the show said “growing and pain” is what every human experiences in the journey of life. Those who never cease their pursuit for self-fulillment and spiritual perfection are always the heroes in any arts. To this extent, Chun Yi’s story could be a story of each of us”.

The Journey to the West. After being revised more than 30 times, The Legend of Kung Fu has become a brand show in 7 versions and 4 languages (English, Russian, Japanese and Spanish) and has toured in America, Canada, UK, Japan, Russia and Spain. Although the languages may be different, one thing remains the same, The Legend of Kung Fu shares standing ovations worldwide including, London Coliseum, Canada Princess of Wales Theatre, Vancouver Queen Elizabeth Theatre, The White House Theatre in Branson and many more.

The Legend of Kung Fu was approved by the committee of London West End Arts Festival as the only foreign production entering West End of London in the summer of 2009. This show presented 27 performances in London Coliseum, being highly recommended by renowned media and critics.

In Branson, U.S.A., The Legend of Kung Fu put on 584 performances in seasons of 2010 and 2011 in the White House Theatre, which CHC had purchased in 2009. The show was awarded as “The Best New Show of the Year” in 2010 and selected as “The Best Production Show” in 2010 and 2011. It has now become one of the icons representing high quality and international standard in Branson’s show market.

In 2011, CHC started its exploration into Europe by working with a big show company in Europe. Both sides signed a contract on the show’s tour in Europe in the next 10 years. Totally 1200 performances per year will be staged globally.

Chinese Culture Embraced by American Community –
The Legend of Kung Fu is not just “going global”, but is trying to “go inside”, which means to enter the mainstream of American show market, and to go into people’s hearts. On March 14th, the second day after arrival, despite of the jetlag the artists of The Legend of Kung Fu gave a 30-minute show for a 8-year-old boy suffering from brain cancer, as soon as they were told the boy was waiting to see the show for months. The special show made the headline across the front page of Branson Tri-lake Daily News and soon became a hot topic among local citizens. It was the first time ever that a Chinese show contributed to the local charity in such a powerful way.

In May 2011´╝îJoplin, a small county near Branson, was hit by a tornado. The Legend of Kung Fu took part in the Branson Benefit Concert & Telethon for Joplin Tornado Relief, organized by The Branson Show League. It was considered as the most impressive show with its elaborate choreography and the artists’ devoted performance. The Legend of Kung Fu attracted eyeballs as the whole event was live broadcasted throughout the U.S.A. via television, radio and the internet.

A Chinese production which is brought into the American entertainment market for a permanent stay instead of short tours, needs the ability to survive the fierce international arena, as well as to be embraced by the local community, which requires the show, the artists and the Chinese company to become part of the local community life, so that the Chinese, Chinese culture and Chinese productions can make their contributions to the build-up of the local community.

Looking back its legendary way on the occasion of it’s 5000th performance, it shows that simply “going global” is not enough, it has to go inside the mainstream market, go inside the local community life, go into local people’s hearts and finally be embraced by different worlds. That explains why it was and will continue to be a journey of revisions and self-improvements ahead. That is the secret of the success of The Legend of Kung Fu.

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