The Track Family Fun Parks in Branson, Missouri announced today the 3rd launch of “Life on Track” – a teen safe driving program. Several school districts from the junior high to high school levels will be involved: Branson, Hollister, Forsyth, Reeds Spring and Taneyville. The Track will create a simulated DUI experience, as well as an exercise demonstrating the dangers associated with texting while driving. Prior to the actual driving events, officials from the Branson Police Department will conduct an education session. The program has grown from two participating school districts in 2010 to five districts this year consisting of approximately 550 students. The event will be held at The Track 5 location on September 4th , 5th ,6th and 7th.

“Life on Track” will elevate the awareness of the seriousness and impact of drunk driving. The Track and the Branson Police Department are working together to help ensure the safety of our Tri-Lakes families. This engaging experience includes the use of simulator goggles while driving a course and “walking the line” to showcase the effects of driving under the influence of alcohol. There will also be an element of texting while driving, which has become a bigger issue as mobile phones have become more prevalent and have gotten “smarter.”
According to the Underage Drinking Prevention Coalition of the Taney County Health Department, the average age of first use of alcohol among our youth has decreased to age 12. Nearly 50% of adolescents have had at least one drink by 8th grade. The Track is taking an active role in helping shine the light on this serious issue. Area youth will experience and learn in a safe environment how dangerous and difficult it actually is to drive while intoxicated. The number of families who are affected each year from DUI-related fatalities is devastating.
“For over 30 years, an important aspect of our company mission has been supporting families and kids in our community. With our facilities and resources, we have the unique ability to offer a safe environment where kids can learn some very important life lessons. If we just open the eyes of a few students to the dangers of drunk and/or distracted driving, Life on Track will be a success,” comments Craig Wescott, President/Co-Owner of The Track Family Fun Parks.
“With over 200 of our teenage students participating in the ‘Life on Track’ program, we are sure to make an impact with them on the facts about drinking and driving,” said Brad Swofford, Assistant Superintendent for Instructional Services at the Branson School District. “We are grateful for the opportunity this program affords our students to learn the hazards they face when mixing alcohol with driving.”

The Track is proud to welcome sponsors such as Branson Bank, Ozark Mountain Bank, Andy’s Frozen Custard, Pizza World, IMAX Entertainment Complex, Lodge of The Ozarks and Verizon to this community program and event. If you wish to help or get involved, please contact The Track.

We would like to invite all media who wish to experience driving with the simulator goggles, to participate with the live events or to interview officials regarding the educational content to contact The Track and plan to attend this event on September 4, 5, 6 or 7 from 9:00-11:30 am or 1:00 to 2:30 pm at Track 5 (3525 W. 76 Country Blvd.) in Branson, Missouri.
About The Track Family Fun Parks:
The Track Family Fun Parks started entertaining local and visiting families in 1981. The four Branson, Missouri locations offer high-rise and classic go-kart tracks for all ages, laser tag, bumper boats/cars, mini golf, kids’ rides, arcades, and more with no gate admission charge.

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