Jerry Adams
City of Branson
110 W. Maddux
Branson, MO   65616

Branson’s finance director has adjusted his April tourism tax cheap mlb jerseys revenue figures downward wholesale mlb jerseys after he discovered a miscalculation.

Earlier this week, the city released figures showing the tourism tax revenue for April at $1,013,726, a 38 percent increase from April 2006. That would have been the first Fadenkreuz“ time tourism tax revenue topped a million dollars in any April. However, a further review by Finance Director Ferris Brown resulted in current collected revenues being $768,484. The new figure is still 5.2 percent ahead of April 2006, and for the 2007 fiscal year, which started in October, tourism tax revenue has increased 12.4 cheap nba jerseys percent over the same time period last year. Much April 2006 tourism tax revenue was $730,282.

According to Brown, who was hired March 1, he is still learning how the tourism tax collection process works.

In the case of the April tourism tax Health revenues, Brown said he released the April figures too early before he had the opportunity to V?llingby conduct the closing procedure that is done As each month. The closing procedure takes several days following the end of the month to complete. It was during this closing procedure that Brown said he discovered his error of misreading a journal entry. “In misreading the journal entry, I counted some tax income twice,” Brown said.

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