STAMPede of The Butterflies

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The Butterfly Palace in Branson has brought the world-wide phenomenon of Stamp Collecting and the enchantment of Butterflies together in its amazing premier exhibit entitled ‘STAMPede of the Butterflies.’

On display in a ‘garden of glass’ will be more than 1,000 stamps, featuring 1,000 different specimens of butterflies from over 200 countries. Each stamp portrays an intriguing slice of history as they astonishingly capture nature’s delicate beauty.

“The Butterfly Palace is excited about hosting this unique exhibit of butterfly stamps. Each of these stamps is a miniature work of art,’ says Dianna Herschend, curator and owner of the Butterfly Palace. In undertaking this project Herschend shares, “I wasn’t expecting the incredible variety of stamps and the stories that many of them have to tell. They are really quite fascinating!”

While you are there, don’t forget that at the Butterfly Palace and Rainforest Adventure, guests can walk among over 1,000 LIVE tropical species of butterflies from around the world!

The stamps will be on display until June 15th, 2008.

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