A Veteran’s Family Needs Our Help!

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Pat McGrath Avery
Branson Veterans Task Force
PO Box 128
Branson, MO   65615

She’s a wife and mother. She’s a veteran of the US Army. She needs us!

A month ago, two American veterans were living their dream. They met while they were stationed at Hunter Army Air Field in Georgia. After their tour of duty, they married, settled in southwestern Missouri, had a child and were preparing him to start school when disaster struck.

A few weeks ago, Mom had a headache and decided to lie down for a while. When Dad checked on her, she seemed to be asleep. When time passed and she didn’t wake up, he checked on her again. He realized that she was unconscious and called 911.

She’d suffered a brain aneurysm. She’s now in a coma in a hospital in Springfield, Missouri. She beat the odds to survive the medical emergency and the resulting brain surgery. Now, she beats the odds every day that she lives.

A husband longs for his wife. A six-year-old child doesn’t understand what happened to his mommy. A mother and father want to take care of their daughter. A sister wants to be near her and help. Her family fights for her as she fights for life.

She can’t remain in the hospital. The family has a solution but they need our help to accomplish it.
The husband contacted the Branson Veterans Task Force. “Can you help?” Distraught, he told their story. As veterans, they approached a veteran organization dedicated to helping veterans. We can’t let them down.
There’s a bed waiting for her in a long-term care facility, across the street from her parents and her sister – in Washington State. There’s a pilot who has a plane. He is willing to transport her there.
The cost of the fuel for the flight is not covered. The pilot estimates $10,000 for fuel cost.

Surely, we could raise that much money over time. However, the hospital plans on releasing her this week.
The family doesn’t need help with the hospital or care facility – only the flight to take her where her mother, father and sister will be available to take care of her. The husband needs to return to work, start their son in school, and re-establish a routine for a little boy whose world is in turmoil.

They need our prayers on a continuing basis – but sometimes, action is necessary too. They need our dollars to get this American Veteran to where she will receive long-term quality treatment now. One hundred percent of the money will be used to defray the cost of the flight. Please help us help this special family!

For more information, call Tom Goldsworthy at 417-598.0323.

An account has been established at Ozark Mountain Bank. Please make all donations payable to the:
Mary Jane Gibens Endowment Fund: routing number 081518375; account number 8212883.

Ozark Mountain Bank ( 1.417 334.4125
Attn. Mail Clerk
PO Box 130
Branson, MO 65615-0130

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