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Justin Flom, internationally awarded illusionist, was featured last week in Lima, Peru for sold out performances in the 6,000 seat arena of Callao. It was a big risk for Flom to take time off his nightly performing schedule with many sold out shows in Branson, Mo., as this has been his busiest season since first coming to Branson in 2005.

Flom, along with his family from Minnesota and 300 others from Grace Church (Eden Prairie, Minnesota) traveled to South America to minister to the spiritually lost making this his fifth trip to Peru.

Flom said, “We use the art of magic to catch their eyes, so they listen with their ears, so God can touch their heart.

“I decided to let my show in Branson be dark for a week to join others from my home church, Grace Church in Eden Prairie, Minn. We worked 18 hour days for over a week to get as many ministry opportunities in before having to travel back to the states.”

Nightly sold out crowds gathered to witness a variety of performing arts. Grace Church assembled ministry teams including unicycling, puppetry, mime, drama, choirs, and of course, magic. During the day he and the teams traveled the cities performing two and three shows at orphanages, prisons and in the poorest areas of Peru. In the evening the Callao church assembled in a soccer coliseum where 5,000 spectators gathered to see a crusade type presentation where Flom performed his larger illusions. This combined with the daily ministry events allowed for thousands to hear the Gospel.

“Our partnership with Peru’s Callao Church is vital because they take the names and addresses of those who’ve made a decision for Christ so as to keep in contact with them and helping them grow in their relationship with God through church, Bible studies, etc.,” said Flom.

“The mission field is an incredible place to stretch your own faith and to feel like you are living a fulfilling life serving Jesus Christ. I am excited to be back home in Branson to continue my dream of performing magic and entertaining audiences,” he said.

The Flom family, along with Grace Church, partnered in ministry with the same church in Peru in 1999, 2001 and 2005 and in January of 2004 Flom traveled to again minister in this unique way to the large crowds of Kenya, Nairobi.

Even though Flom is only 22, he has been performing the art of illusion for two decades. His award-winning magic has been featured for audiences all around the United States of America as well as in 10 different countries. His magic has been featured numerous times on television in the states, the cover the International Brotherhood of Magicians magazine, Linking Ring, and he recently brought home the People’s Choice Award in an international magic festival held in Malaysia.

Flom is in his third year of having his own theater, Justin Flom’s Imaginary Theatre, located on the top floor of the Majestic building at the corner of Gretna and Roark. Showtimes are 7:30 p.m. Tuesday through Saturday. The Imaginary Theatre is located at 2849 Gretna Rd.

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