The Lowe Family comes to Beaver Creek

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BEAVER CREEK, Colorado — Talk about family bonding. For 25 years, the Lowe family from Missouri has been touring the world, performing a music and dance act.
“I really don’t know anything different,” said Kayli Lowe, 20, the youngest member of the family.

Kayli considers herself lucky because she had plenty of musical role models growing up. She performs with her four sisters, one brother and parents in a variety show.
Almost no style of performance is off limits. The Lowes’ repertoire ranges from bluegrass songs to swing dancing to “a little bit of clogging,” Kayli said.

Their Christmas spectacular comes to the Vilar Performing Arts Center in Beaver Creek Tuesday.

Kayli hopes the show will be an opportunity for audiences to “have one night when they can forget about life and forget about the real world and just enjoy themselves.”

Originally from outside Salt Lake City, Utah, the Lowes are devoted to their instruments. Kayli plays violin, piano, several types of banjo, the Irish pennywhistle and an Irish drum called the bodhran.

It all started with the Lowe parents. LeeAndra sang to military troups with a vocal trio, while Robert Lowe was part of a band with his seven brothers. When their children were young, Robert held a job as a real estate broker to pay for their music lessons. The children often got up at 4:30 a.m. to practice their instruments, according to the family’s biography.

“The oldest kids started playing in quartets together because they were all violinists, and people would hire them for little odd end jobs,” Kayli said. “It started from ‘Oh, could you play for this church function?’ or ‘Hey can you play for this wedding?’ to ‘Hey, do you think you could make it out to the Utah fair?’”

By now, the Lowe family has taken their act all over the world. They spend plenty of quality time together at home, too. Kayli lives with three of her siblings and her parents. The other siblings are married and have their own homes, she said.

Presently in holiday mode, the Lowe family will wrap up its two-week Christmas tour in Beaver Creek. Expect to hear Christmas songs like “Coming Home,” a ballad Kayli wrote. The rest is a mix of gospel medleys, classical tunes, Irish dancing and all kinds of other entertainment. Two of the Lowe grandchildren will even make appearances.

“It’s just fun. It really is,” Kayli said. “I’ve had a bunch of friends that come that you would never think they would enjoy anything but a rock concert or a rap concert or a pop concert and they come and they’re like, ‘wow, this is great.’ So it’s surprising because people may think ‘Oh they’re from Branson or they’ve been performing in Branson so this is just for senior citizens only, but really all ages seem to enjoy it.”

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