Gas prices keep falling all over the country

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People driving on U.S. 65 near the Saddlebrooke Convenience Store at around 7:45 a.m. on Monday witnessed a curious phenomenon.

The gas price on the electronic marquee was dropping before their eyes — $1.49, $1.48, $1.47.

Across the Ozarks and the nation, gas prices continue to fall. In Branson, customers were buying their gas for as low as $1.41 per gallon on Monday.

“With everything going on in our economy right now, I am pretty happy with the gas prices,” said Joe Upton, of Branson. “Unfortunately, it looks like they won’t last.”

The Associated Press recently reported that OPEC will cut its production in an effort to raise international oil prices. Recent violence in the Middle East has also threatened oil production in that region.

According to the Associated Press, oil prices have fallen 73 percent since peaking at $147.27 a barrel on July 11. That translated into gas prices reaching more than $4 per gallon in some areas of the country.

On Monday, many motorists across the Ozarks were in good moods as they filled up their tanks.

“I saw the prices this morning and I had to fill my tank,” said Anita Monroe, of Harrison, Ark., I only needed half a tank, but I filled it anyway. Who knows, tomorrow prices could be a lot higher.”

In southwest Missouri, the lowest price for gas was $1.31 in Republic. In Ozark it was $1.33 and in Nixa it went for $1.34.

The lowest price in Arkansas was $1.21 in Mountain Home.

Here are some of the gas prices making news across the country:

  • Gasoline prices in Maryland are at their lowest level in nearly five years at $1.61 a gallon. That is half of the average price from one year ago.
  • Gas prices in Texas slipped by 1 cent to reach an average $1.54 a gallon during the holiday week. El Paso had the state’s highest gasoline price at $1.57. Houston had the least expensive price at the pumps at $1.49.
  • Fuel prices across Georgia were at their lowest level in nearly five years, Monday, as the statewide average price hit $1.53, down 20 cents since last month.
  • Ohio motorists enjoyed lower gas prices as they traveled for the holidays.The state’s average cost for regular dropped 6 cents in the last week to $1.57 per gallon.
    A recent survey shows Ohio fuel costs are down almost 50 percent from last year’s holiday week, when the average was $3.07.
  • Southern California gas prices declined significantly over the past week for the first time since June. The average price of regular in the Los Angeles-Long Beach area stood at $3.18 a gallon on Monday — five cents less than last week.

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