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Four members of the 1940s all-girl Sharon Rogers Band will attend Veterans Week activities in Branson, MO, to launch the story of their Pacific USO tour in the waning days of WWII and the early days of the Japanese occupation. The book is titled The Sharon Rogers Band: Laughed Together, Cried Together, Crashed & Almost Died Together.

At the request of the USO, the band agreed to join the USO. In the summer of 1945, they traveled first to Hawaii, and then to the Philippines, arriving in Manila as the war was ending.

After touring throughout the Philippines, they traveled, at General MacArthur’s request, to Japan. They played throughout Japan. They attended General Yamashita’s war crimes trial, went to Hiroshima, visited military hospitals, served in mess halls, and played to more than 100,000 Allied troops.

After their last performance in Korea, they headed back to Japan. Bad weather, low fuel and bombed-out airfields forced the pilot, Joe Zinno, to ditch the plane in the Sea of Japan. All aboard survived and were rescued by Japanese fishermen.
Joe Zinno will join the band members in introducing their book.

They will sign books at the WWII Reunion at the College of the Ozarks on November 6, and throughout the week at Veterans Village.

Plan to capitalize on the opportunity to meet these charming ladies, hear their story and take home a signed copy of their book.

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