Shape Shifters Free Health Workshops – June 28-29, 2012

Shelly Hampton, owner of Shape Shifters Pilates in Springfield and Branson, is celebrating her birthday with free workshops in both Branson and Springfield.
As she begins her 58th year, Shelley wanted to share successful aging and health secrets with her friends and clients. Attendees to these free events will hear presentations on superfood blends that help with cancer prevention, free radical damage prevention and sleep issues – critical components to graceful aging.

The presentation by Terra Biotech’s Warren Nugent of Dallas, Texas will be based on research by Dr. Ajay Goel, one of 12 physicians on the World Health Cancer Prevention Board, Dr. Kozlowski, a leading expert on memory, brain health, and dementia, and Dr. Russell Reiter, a melatonin researcher focused on its anti-cancer effects. The program will provide the latest research on superfoods’ impact on blood brain barrier health, anti-inflammatory properties, and sleep.

As reported by KY3 on June 24th, research by the American Thoracic Society reports a link between lack of sleep and cancer risk, in that there is a 60% risk increase for breast cancer with less that 6 hours sleep per night.

Attendees will get samples of food compounds formulated by leading researchers on melatonin, circumin, and 30 blended synergistic compounds that have been shown to kill cancer cells in Baylor University’s test labs, where the largest bank of breast cancer cells in the world exists.

The Branson workshop will be held at 6 PM on Thursday, June 28th at the Shape Shifters Pilates studio located at 2700 Green Mountain Drive. The Springfield event will take place at Noon on Friday, June 29th at the Shape Shifters Pilates studio located at 601 N. National #111. Due to space limitations, reservations are requested and can be made by calling 417-890-6749.

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