Garon Brett Returns From Two Year Mission In Bogota, Colombia
Branson entertainer returns from two year LDS mission

On Thursday, August 30th, 2012 Branson, Missouri entertainer Garon Brett of The Bretts Show will return home from Bogota, Colombia where he has been serving a mission for The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints for two years. “We have missed him a lot.” says Tom Brett, father of the family, “But we have been extremely blessed by his serving a mission. So much that I’m a little nervous to have him come back,” jokes Tom.
Missions are anything but rosy though. “We have definitely worried about him being down there. Colombia isn’t known for being a safe place. Garon has been robbed twice that we know of, but happily hasn’t been hurt. Apparently, that is a normal part of life.” These two years have not only been challenging for Garon, but for the whole family as they have had to learn to adapt and fill in. “Without having Garon we’ve definitely been pushed to become better performers individually,” says Tom. The improvement has certainly been noted, as currently, The Bretts Show has been nominated as Branson’s Best Show by the last two years, a first ever for The Bretts!
Tom, Andrea, and Brydon will be leaving on the 23rd, and will fly down to Bogota to pick Garon up. They’re spending a day with Garon in his missionary duties. Then he will be released from his duties, and the four of them will travel around Colombia as Garon takes them on a tour of his missionary experience. The Bretts will perform twice while in Colombia – once in the city of Bogota, and another in Ibague. They return on August 30th.
Garon will be back in the show permanently within a few weeks of returning. His being back with The Bretts will add many elements to their already powerful show. For example, Garon is a phenomenal songwriter (NSAI Co-Grand Champion Song Writer 2011), he adds to the youth factor in the show, he adds another set of hands off stage and in the office, his mission has added maturity and experience that will be helpful in the show, and lastly Brydon and Garon have long been planning some new and exciting things that they will be releasing in the near future. In addition to working in The Bretts Show, Garon plans to continue pursuing a degree in Music Media.

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