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Update: Since returning from Jefferson City a lot has happened. The congressional community for the department of Agriculture for the State of Missouri has signed on the act ( ) and all of them are supportive of our plan and plan to present it to the Governor next week. I started a LinkedIn account and started networking. I have had two angel investors contact me and one investment firm. All have made requests for our business plan. It has now become a first come first serve play. One is from the windy city, one from the big apple and the other is from Jersey. I have made hundreds of contacts with people of power from the White house down. Our supports are Presidents, Candidates, Representatives, Senators, Governors, Dept. of Economics, The USDA, farmers, business owners, entertainers, and moms and dads. No one has stepped up to the plate yet. There is 40% of this up for grabs for 36 million Buy, Grant, or Loan, or a combination of all three. No one has been able to find a reason not to build this.

Branson Aquaponic Gardens and Educational Center will change the world for the better in time. Put people back to work growing the one thing everyone buys. “FOOD”. Lower greenhouse gases, and provide clean energy resources’ and aquaponic supplies. Most of all give people a place to get the most valuable necessity for survival, “KNOWLEDGE”. Do you remember the old saying “Give a man a fish you feed him for a day, teach a man to fish you feed him for a life time”? The best part of this whole thing when you’re asking someone to put up 36 million is location, location.

Branson is #5 in family destinations visitors. 8 million avg. per year. At the height of the season we can expect to see 20,000 people a day, from June to December. Each spends $10.00 on a tour, buys a book or a box of seeds for 20.00 more avg. $30.00 per person. You do the math it is more shocking that way. Then add a class of 20 people 5 times a day for $50.00 more, plus books. That is a $100.00 dollar investment in their family’s health and well being. After taking the class they will need supplies to get growing, canning or cooking. Where is the best place to do that BAGS (Branson Aquaponic Garden School) buy it and have it drop shipped to their door, after they return home. I have not added in the produce or sea food yet. I had one local Chef tell me he uses 500 tilapia fillies a week at the height of season. How many tomatoes do you think a subway uses a day? We got nine of them. Salad bars, Branson is full of them. Folks can just come to the BAGS market and pick it up fresh every day. Missouri also has a jobs Grant for every job created and we plan to put 400 people to work. Handicap workers welcome, we dearly love our vets. LOCATION! LOCATION! We have that and a world redound team of experts to make it happen. First come first served.

Mona Miller, CEO of Marketing
[email protected] 417-338-2537

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