The announcement that a new attraction would be built at the junction of Fall Creek Road and Highway 76 a few weeks ago was devoid of any specific details about what it would be except to indicate that all would be revealed at a press conference on Oct. 6. Since then, speculation within the Branson community has run rampant, but at a press conference on the morning of Oct. 6, one of the best-maintained secrets in Branson history was revealed.
Ted Cunningham, the pastor of Woodland Hills Family Church, acting as a spokesperson for the project, revealed the big secret. Reading from a prepared statement it was announced that the name of the new attraction was “Fritz’s Adventure.”

“Fritz’s Adventure is a dynamic indoor family attraction that brings the excitement and challenges of outdoor adventure into a multi-dimensional indoor environment. It’s three stories high and has 80,000 square feet of hands-on climbing, tunneling, sliding, swinging, and zip-lining thrills, featuring daunting utility poles to climb, bridges suspended stories above, towering rock climbing walls and giant boulders, an impressive parkour area, a massive ropes course, urban brick buildings for scaling, a life-size water tower with multiple slides, tunnels and tubes to burrow in, and an air-worthy airplane to explore. Fritz’s Adventure delivers the sense of adventure with a perceived element of risk, while in a strategically engineered and safe environment. It is a place where you can experience elements of the world around you, that anywhere else would be prohibited or discouraged. Parents, teenagers, grandparents, toddlers, and kids alike are encouraged to explore and adventure together.

“Additionally, Fritz’s Adventure features a restaurant with healthy menu choices overlooking the indoor adventure park from the second floor and party rooms for groups or special occasions. Fritz’s Adventure opens its doors to the exciting challenges normally reserved for seasoned adventurers, adapted for every age and ability level…”
It is anticipated that the new non-weather-dependent attraction will open in the summer of 2016 and will be open 365 days a year. “What an exciting and unique attraction for Branson visitors to enjoy,” said Annette Wood, the Director of Sales and Marketing for the Branson Tourism Center. “It is yet another wonderful adventure that families can share together in Branson,” she added.

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