Branson’s Stockstill Park to Reopen

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The City of Branson’s Stockstill Park will reopen to the public on Friday, October 6. The park has been closed since May 27 after being heavily damaged by flood waters from nearby Roark Creek. The park has been affected by flooding four times over the past two years while City leaders continue to look for options for the park’s future.

“Two of those floods were this year. The first flood happened on April 29 and we were within days of reopening when it flooded again, wiping out all of our work. At this point, we knew something had to change,” stated Parks and Recreation Director Cindy Shook. According to Shook, frequent and repetitive flash flooding has caused over $600,000 in damages since 2002.

“Moving forward the park will emphasize access to natural elements like the creek and open green spaces for people to use. We are also improving our pavilions and adding more areas for people to picnic,” said Shook. “While it is still a work in progress, Stockstill Park is one of our most popular parks and we look forward to opening it back up for the community to use. A huge thank you to our staff and community volunteer groups that helped prepare the park to reopen” stated Shook.

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