Angela Tompkins
Tompkins Wellness Center
180 Mall Road, Suite H
Hollister, MO   65672

Who: Tompkins Wellness Center

What: Time for Trivia + Open House

When: Trivia: Now until Friday, March 6, 2009

Open House: Friday, February 27th, 11 a.m.-3 p.m.

Where: Tompkins Wellness Center
180 Mall Road, Suite H, Hollister
(in the CountryMart strip mall, across from Lowe’s between Family Pharmacy and Blockbuster.)

How: Trivia: Readers/Listeners are encouraged to submit their answers to 4 trivia questions by visiting the “contact us” portion of Those with the right answers will be entered into a drawing for the free service that corresponds to the question…

1. Massage: What country was the first massage reportedly took place?
2. Acupuncture: What is the primary point used in acupuncture to turn a breach baby? (Hint: this is also a point used to treat headaches). Name the meridian and the point and give the location.
3. Nutrition: What is the herb primarily used to regulate blood sugar and keep diabetes in check?
4. Chiropractic: What condition did the first chiropractic adjustment in the United States successfully treat? (Hint: Not back or neck pain!)

Open House
• Meet the Doctor
• Tour our facility
• Scrumptious food
• Free gift for the first 50 guests

For more information, contact Angela Tompkins at 417.263.0604 or [email protected]

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